Chapter 7

Planting and Training Young Grapevines

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Proper planting and training of young grapevines is essential for the establishment of a productive vineyard. The objective of is to achieve a uniform planting of strong, healthy, well-shaped vines that meets the requirements of the training system. To achieve this, all initial growth is used to develop a strong root system and trunk(s). Attention must be paid to all vineyard practices to ensure adequate growth and development of young grapevines. If badly managed, delays in the development of a uniform vineyard will occur with some probability the vineyard will never reach its full potential.

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Topics Within This Chapter:

  • Planting Grapevines
  • Time of Planting
  • Planting Dormant Rooted Cuttings and Benchgrafts
  • Hand Planting
  • Laser Planting
  • Planting Green Benchgrafts
  • Fertilization
  • Irrigation
  • Weed Control
  • Cultivation
  • Herbicides
  • Mulching
  • Cover Crops
  • Training Young Grapevines
  • Developing the Trunk
  • Untrained Vines
  • Trained Vines
  • Training First Year Vines
  • Training Second Year Vines
  • Cordon Training Third Year Vines
  • Establishing Cordons
  • Cane Training Third Year Vines
  • Establishing Canes
  • Vine Balance
  • Selected References