Chapter 9

Pruning and Training Grapevines

Glossary of Terms

A number of terms are used to describe portions or locations on grape vines. Some of them are used in the discussion of the trellising and training of grapes. The following definitions may be useful.

Arms – Wood that is two or more years old; short branches of the trunk from which canes or spurs develop.

Bearing units – Canes or spurs.

Base buds – Buds not borne at clearly defined nodes of canes are referred to as base buds.

Bud – A compound bud or eye containing the primary, secondary, and tertiary buds located in the axil or each leaf.

Cane – The mature, brown and woody shoot of the grapevine after leaf fall.

Cordon – A permanent arm, usually trained horizontally along a wire, from which spurs develop.

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