Chapter 16

Vineyard Nutrient Management

Visual Observations

Inspections of foliage for symptoms of nutrient deficiencies and observations of vine vigor and crop size provide important clues as to whether vines are suffering nutrient stress. Symptoms usually include chlorosis, stunted growth of shoots, necrosis of leaf margins, irregular fruit set, and small berries. The position or age of symptomatic leaves on a given vine provides information about which nutrient might be causing the deficiency symptoms. Generally, deficiencies of the mobile elements such as nitrogen, potassium, and magnesium appear on older or mid-shoot leaves (See Table 16.1). Deficiency symptoms of some of the less mobile trace elements, notably iron and zinc, first appear on the youngest leaves of the shoot. Finally, the particular pattern of symptoms on individual leaves can also yield information. For example, interveinal chlorosis is symptomatic of zinc deficiency.

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