Wine Grape Growing



EARLY HARVEST. Denotes a wine made from early-harvested grapes, usually lower than average in alcoholic content or sweetness.

ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY (EC). Electrical conductivity is a measure commonly used as a fairly reliable indicator of the degree of salinity of a water sample. Units are millimhos/centimeter (mmho/cm) or decisiemens/meter dS/m).

ENOLOGY. The science and study of wine making.

EUTYPA DIEBACK. A fungal disease of the vine.

EVAPOTRANSPIRATION (ET). Combined water use by plants and water evaporated from the soil surface in a given time period. ET usually is expressed as inches or millimeters of water per day.

EXCHANGEABLE SODIUM PERCENTAGE (ESP). The percentage of the cation exchange capacity of a soil which is occupied by sodium.