Wine Grape Growing



MACROCLIMATE. Regional climate, typically measured in square miles, depending on geographic factors.

MESOCLIMATE. Climate of a particular vineyard, which may differ within the regional climate because of factors such as elevation, slope, aspect, etc.

MICROCLIMATE. Canopy climate, within and immediately surrounding a plant canopy, which can show differences between small areas within the canopy, i.e., sunlight exposure, humidity, etc.

MILLERANDAGE. A reproductive disorder in which grape clusters bear significantly different sized berries within the same cluster; the so-called "hens and chicks" berry appearance.

MOG (Material Other than Grapes). An acronym used to describe contaminants such leaves and stems that are associated with harvested grapes.

MULCH. Any layer of material, which is used to cover and protect the soil surface. A mulch can be organic (e.g., straw, plant material) or synthetic (e.g., plastic).

MUMMY. Shriveled, black grape left on the stem. Mummies are often the result of disease, and potentially a critical source of disease inoculum the following growing season.