Wine Grape Growing



INFLORESCENCE. The flower cluster of the grapevine.

INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM). A pest management strategy that focuses on long-term prevention or suppression of pest problems through a combination of techniques such as encouraging biological control, use of resistant varieties, and adoption of alternate cultural practices such as modification of irrigation or pruning to make the habitat less conducive to pest development. Pesticides are used only when careful monitoring indicates they are needed according to preestablished guidelines, treatment thresholds, or to prevent pests from significantly interfering with the purposes for which plants are being grown.

IRRIGATION SCHEDULING. Process of determining when to irrigate and how much. This can be done by monitoring the soil, the crop, or calculating water use (evapotranspiration). The goal is to schedule irrigation timing and amounts such that the soil water content remains between field capacity and the management allowable deficit.

INSECTICIDES. Biological or chemical compounds designed to kill, injure, reduce the fertility of, or modify the behavior of insects.

INTERNODE. The portion of the shoot or cane between two nodes.